Buitengoed Ruysbos

Winter glamping

Mooiste glamping van de Benelux
  • Extra thick duvets
  • Electric blanket
  • Pellet stove
  • Old-fashioned hot water bottle
  • Radiant heater
  • Fire bowl
  • TV
  • TV

Camping during winter?
Our rugged and luxurious lodge tents has been specifically furnished for true adventurers who enjoy themselves even more with a thick sweater on! For the winter, (1-11 til 15-3) the tents are equipped with an extra stove, extra thick duvets, hot water bottles, and, because the days are truly a little shorter, we have installed a TV as well.

Your "boerenkool" and pea soup can simply be prepared in the large kitchen (according to your own recipe), you can let the dishwasher handle the dishes, and you can take an extra hot shower in your own bathroom including, among other things, a rain shower.

To make winter glamping possible, this glamping tent has a pellet stove in addition to an electric radiant heater. Furthermore, we have extra thick duvets and hot water bottles to get you nice and warm.

Only during periods of frost will we be forced to temporarily close the winter glamping. This is due to the risk of frozen pipes, but it hasn't happened often in The Netherlands during the last few years. If we are forced to do so, it goes without saying that you will receive your full(!) deposit back.

Snow in the Ruysbos


Just like winter sports, going camping during the winter time requires special preparation. This is why we want to give you some extra tips to make your stay even more pleasant. You can expect from us that we have done everything to make your stay as comfortable as possible. We do want to emphasize that you are staying in a tent! This has its limitations, which is why it is so important - just like during a winter sports vacation - to dress appropriately!

We think that a skiing hat, skiing jacket, skiing pants and nice warm gloves are not a crazy idea :-) Who knows, it might even snow!?

Here are a few extra tips:

  • We would definitely bring nice warm slippers. As well as those extra warm woolen socks.
  • When did you last sleep with a nightcap on? Cozy and funny if you have one.
  • Apart from our standard duvets, we also have 2 super thick 5 kilo (!) "Austrian" duvets available per tent. We can imagine that you were already planning to bring your own warm duvet from home anyway.
  • To make the bed even more comfortable, we have hot water bottles and electrical blankets available.